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PostSubject: Easter   Mon 2 Apr - 18:18

Hello people!

There is a very good event comming soon. Easter. How is Easter in your country?

In Switzerland and Europe globaly it is like Christmas: a super commercial period. You can find a whole bunch of stuff in stores like chocolate bunnies, chocolate eggs, coulored eggs, chicken in lots of materials coulors, taste... but you won't find any cross, any Bible, any book with easter story, nothing!

People have forgotten what is easter. They don't remember that God gave His own son in sacrifice to save us from our sin. They don't remember that Jesus sufferd and died for us! They have no idea of that, or they won't believe it.
People don't remember Jesus came, and they don't remember He grew up like any other child. They don't remember He made and makes miracles, said and says the truth. People don't remember He died. They don't remember He destroyed death with his resurection.

Hey people! We believe in a living and loving God! we are His children. He died and rose up to give us life.

Little bunnies and chicks didn't make the world. God did! Bunnies and chicks didn't save us. God did! Bunnies and chicks don't love us like precious creatures. God yes! He does.

Tell your friends that God is a living and a loving God. Tell your friends that God is the only God. Tell them that Jesus is the way, the truth and the life.

Be blessed in the name of our living and loving Jesus!

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PostSubject: Re: Easter   Wed 4 Apr - 18:36

Here in Thailand Easter is not commercial. It's not celebrated in the Buddhist countries, this is why Crhistians tend to really going back to it's first meaning (I mean with no eggs or chocolate rabbits...). Here the Christian community try to tell the people around about Easter and it's meaning. It is a topic for prayer, that people starts to be curious about our faith by this great event.

If you have some scriptures about Easter let's share it here.

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PostSubject: Re: Easter   Wed 11 Apr - 11:34

Easter 2007 is gone but our loving Jesus still here, with us.
How was Easter for you ? For me it was beautiful. I was with my family and we had a message at church friday morning and sunday morning. In the afternoon we had the chocolate bunnies, from switzeland of course ...
And you ?

Just happy to live ...

Noelito from France
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PostSubject: Re: Easter   

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