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 Left Behind

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PostSubject: Left Behind   Wed 11 Jul - 20:22

There is a book I found in my mum's closet. I thought it could be interesting, and I red it. It's just marvelous!!! I encourage you to read it. It gives strenght and hope, and it can put a picture on what is in the Bible. Espescially about the book of "Revelation".

For the french readers (pour les lecteurs francophones):
"Les survivants de l'Appocalypse"

For the English readers

"Left Behind" a novel of the earth's last days

from Tim Lahaye and Jerry B.Jenkins

there is a serie of several books "Left Behind" is the first book of this serie. I haven't red the next books, but if it is interessant as much as the fist one, I won't be long before having read them!

Have a good time
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PostSubject: Re: Left Behind   Wed 11 Jul - 21:26

It's sounds interesting. What kind is it, Science Fiction or commun fiction?

Who is the author?

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PostSubject: Re: Left Behind   Thu 12 Jul - 12:14

Autors are Tim LaHaye and Jerry B.Jenkins like Noémie said.

For the differents fictions it seems to close for saying what it is. (my opinion )

I started to read it but never finish but yes it's really good book!

See you

Just happy to live ...

Noelito from France
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PostSubject: Re: Left Behind   

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Left Behind
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