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PostSubject: Ramadan   Thu 13 Sep - 23:22

The ninth month of the Islamic calendar; the month of fasting; the holiest period for the Islamic faith is the Ramadan ( رَمَضَان ).

For the Muslims, this month reminds the revelation to Mahomet of the Quran. To sanctify this period, they decided to fast (صَوْم : ) for 30 days, in remembrance of the revelations, but also to sanctify their body, and to come back harder to prayers.

Quran: Chapter 2 Al-Baqarah , 185
"In the month of Ramadan the Koran was revealed, a book of guidance for mankind with proofs of guidance distinguishing right from wrong. Therefore whoever of you is present in that month let him fast. But he who is ill or on a journey shall fast a similar number of days later on. God desires your well-being, not your discomfort. He desires you to fast the whole month so that you can magnify God and render thanks to Him for giving you His guidance."

For the Muslims, the entire life of the believer is a life of fasting. During the month of Ramadan he receives his training by abstaining from certain things, temporarily, so that for the rest of his life he may renounce all those things of which God disapproves.

The principles is to fast from the rising to the setting sun, it means to not eat nor drink. the exacts days of this period.

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