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PostSubject: Thailand   Mon 5 May - 13:12


Loy Krathong is a traditional event in Thailand,
celebrated while the full moon of the 12th lunar month, when the level of water is high. "Loy" means to float, and "Krathong" is some kind of offering made with bananas leaves in a lotus flower shape. In the Krathong shall be candles, incense, and flowers. The origin of this festival (three days in 2007) comes from India and is Buddhist, but for what I have seen people are mostly there to have fun, I didn't see monks thou.
The beliefs is when you put your Krathong in the water, your bad luck will float away from you. The lovers think that if the Krathong doesn't sink and the candles are not blew off because of the wind and the waves, their love will last forever.

Beside those superstitions I nevertheless assist to typical Thai event, gorgeous. A lot of fireworks enlighten the night like a thousand of little stars in the sky, there was also what we call "Thai balloons", kind of handicraft balloon of 1 meter 50 on 70 centimeters, rising in the sky by the fire inside, which colored it. Everywhere in the city balloons, firework, and a compact mob. Even if the explosions of the firework let you think about a war movie, the magic of this event shows how much the Lord gives us means to create, and to have, some great moments.

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