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PostSubject: Seiha   Mon 18 Sep - 13:55

September 14th, 2006 on hotmail:

"Hello everybody,

I havenít heard much from most of you. I hope you are all doing good.

I have a bad news to tell you and some prayer requests from all of you.

My mom had a surgery last Friday, and just came back home on Monday. I donít know how to explain to you, but it kinds of hurt inside her stomach. We spent a lot of money for that which made us have a lot loans as well. But I believe that God will take care everything and soon we will be able to pay for the debt. Thank God that she is getting better everyday, but still hurt where she got the operation. She can eat more, but has to be careful with what she eats. She tries to walk, but can not do anything much. Praise the Lord for his healing! But we still need your prayer for her that she will be able to do whatever she wishes soon.

My church is having a serious problem which affects the whole church. Iím sorry I can not tell you the detail, but your prayer is the most supporting we need from you. As I told you before our pastor and his wife went to the States for his home visiting, but he had to come back yesterday. Please pray that the Lord will guide our leaders, his angles will protect the whole church and members, the strengthen of God will be in everybody, and all the bad spirit be away from us.

My church is the third biggest in Cambodia, and itís growing up everyday. We just had a big worshipping last Sunday and there were at least 100 people got saved on that day. We know that Satan is not happy to see Godís kingdom is growing, thatís why he tries to stop it. I beg you again and again to keep us in your prayers that there is nothing can stop us from serving God and extend his kingdom in Cambodia. And also pray for our leaders to be stronger.

Iím glad that my fiancť is one of the leaders, so we both can get more involve and help most of it. I think this is the time for us to trust and help each other too, and to give our trust to God.

Iíll keep updating you about my church.

Next weekend is a holiday in Cambodia. We will have 4 days off, include Sat and Sun. I wish to work, because all these problems make me so tired of being at home. I like working in the office than doing housework and also work in the office makes me not to think much of the problems. Because of my mom sickness, I had to stay in the hospital with her the whole 3 days, and now I even have to responsible for all the housework, expenses and everything. I have been so stressful, but I know God doesnít want me to just complain, but give this burden to him. I also need to be prayed for.

You know sometimes makes me miss my life in the States that I did not have to responsible for anything, only get up go to work, come back home, eat, and have fun.

Remember your prayer now is very important for me, my family, my church, and Cambodia!

God is good!


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