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PostSubject: Hungary   Sun 3 Dec - 20:41

Szia, Jérôme vodiok, hüszonenégy vodiok.

I don't speak Magyar language, don't worry. I just learned a bit with my friend Kristöf from there. In waiting his subscription to the forum I decided to get more inform about it:

This republic, located in Central Europe, which capitol city is Budapest use Hungarian as official language. 93 percent of the population is Hungarian, the rest is divided beetween Roma, Germans, Romanians and Slovaks. The total is about 10 600 000 inhabitants.

The main religion currant is Catholicism.

The geography is partially composed by the Carpathian Bassin, with small mountains, and plains. The country is 93 093 km² (maybe 305423228.3465 feet²..?). Hungary is divided in two by its main waterway, the Danube.

Recent anti governement protests happend recently, triggered by the release of Hungarian Prime Minister Ferenc Gyurcsány's private speech in which he confessed that his Hungarian Socialist Party had lied to win the 2006 election. Most of the events took place in Budapest and in some other cities.

Rubik's cube is an Hungarian invention...

Famous cuisine is the "goulash". The cuisine use paprika and pepper and the meal include pork and beef.

Very nice buildings, and Roman architecture, are to see.


There is a lot more to say of course, I just preced Kristöf who will tell you more, particulary I hope about how is everyday life over there.

Rest to wish you "Boldog karàcsonyt!" (well, Merry Christmas)

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